Our Story

Queen of Good Hair only supplies premium hair for professionals within the hair industry. We offer training on the four methods of extensions which includes application and cutting techniques.

The founder of Queen of Good Hair has 18 years of experience and specialised in hair extensions having been trained to utilise all of the various big brands. Frustrated by the inconsistency in quality we decided to research and develop our own brand which has took 3 years to perfect.

We provide premium hair in various shades, lengths, methods andoffer different weights/grams for all applications making the stylists job as easy as possible. When you take on a trade account you will be advised on pricing for your client with the added benefit of earning loyalty points which can be redeemed against your account for future purchases.

Here at Queen of Good Hair we are passionate and proud of our personalised training academy. Over the years we have witnessed too many poor applications which can lead to loss of hair and a terrible experience it is these badly trained hairdressers that often give the industry of extensions bad press. We are committed to building your reputation and giving customers a great experience.

We can also train stylists in adding hair for the more mature client who desire the appearance of a thicker fuller head of hair which is where a huge amount of additional salon revenue can come from.

We offer advice on product pricing and marketing campaigns such as 30s day of impactful social media which is a highly effective way of getting new clients through the door. We want to establish communities who will promote the quality of our products by posting and celebrating a great customer experience- we are building selfesteem and creating sensational looks so join us because… here come the QUEENS!!!